Features: Eremite Altar
These are two location shots of the Eremite Altar in Deep Artery Valley.

In the distance, far behind the altar, is the Island of Fear and Loathing, home to Forest Eremites, Fanatics, and Anuns.

This location in Deep Artery Valley is also on the fringes of the Medusa territory, and does contain Forest Eremites.

It is clear that the eremite, as an organism, was important enough or frightening enough to some group of intelligent organisms that a worship site of some sort was established to it. Since it is believed that many animals on Rubi-Ka were introduced by Omni-Tek to fill terraforming roles, and this altar seems to predate Omni- Tek's arrival, it is likely that the eremites are remnant animals that had previously evolved on Rubi-Ka, far before the incursion onto Rubi-Ka. Despite this apparent non-relation to any Earth-based organism, the argument for the eremite's inclusion in the arthropods is sound.

There is another one of these Eremite statues located in Rome, as mentioned previously, and another has recently been found in Andromeda. The existence of several widely separated instances of these statues, built in honor of the mighty Eremites, is further reason to suspect that these are ancient creatures, worshipped by something we do not yet know.