Features: Mission Only Encounters
He is not happy to see you.

Recently, strange new creatures have begun appearing in some mission assignments given to settlers. These are not simply new threats like Cameras, Turrets, Sentries, and Mines, but rather seem to be modified or mutated versions of other, more familiar threats.

These creatures are sometimes rampant in missions. For example, it is possible to find a location filled with the mutant Scuttler Lizards, indicating that their reproduction rate is virtually unmatched on Rubi-Ka. Others, like the Hellhound, may be harbingers of a new breed of un-tested robot to be used in future security operations. Whatever these new beasts origins, one thing is clear: they are definite modifications of pre-existing creatures, already encountered in Rubi-Ka's wilds.

Derived from: Mechdogs

  Independent Bodyguard Droid
Derived from: Ninjadroids
Picture of Scuttler Lizards coming soon!   Scuttler Lizards
Derived from: Lizards
Picture of Beast 666 coming soon!   Bioerranged Beast Model 666
Derived from: Mechdogs