Features: Traps
The one that started it all: the infamous "XP ball"

Traps have always been one of a mission's more amusing aggravations. Initially, traps were implemented as a means of throwing a group of invaders into chaos by launching a rubbery little Rollerrat into the mix.

However, the weapon-smiths who deduced the way to put the Rollerrats into suspended animation forgot to address the fact that the rats were once free-range creatures. In other words, they failed to consider how a Rollerrat would respond to a massive Atrox towering over it was a beam as big as 30 Rollerrats. Imagine that rat's tremendous surprise, when, after just waking up, it would get smacked halfway across the floor. Not good for morale. And so, the rats would just stumble about doing nothing and in general being non-threatening. Indeed, the little guys eventually were jokingly referred to as Frightened Rollerrats.

As a result of this colossal blunder, the offending designers were sacked and were replaced with people whose sole purpose was to find a way to make the frozen rats stronger and much more aggressive. At this they eventually succeeded, in a way, since their more aggressive creations do wreak havoc when flying out of a doorway while the team is attacked by four guards. However, their relative lack of strength despite their aggression has earned them the fond nickname: "XP furball."

The second batch of designers was then ALSO sacked, and a third one was brought in. This team didn't even bother trying to fix the problems with the rats. No, no... their idea was to create all new traps with two creatures that truly strike fear into anyone.... Fleas and Salamanders, and decided to make all three traps these a required purchase with any new security system. Below, you can see information about the three major types of traps:

  A Cache of Fleas
Releases a couple of Fleas
Types encountered: Garbage Flea
  A Lair of Lizards
Releases a couple of Salamanders (which are NOT lizards in any sense)
Types encounters: Garbage Salamander
  A Frozen Rat
Releases a Frightened Rollerrat
Types encountered: Frightened Rollerrats only

Some pictures of the creatures that can be spawned by traps are shown below:

Frightened Rollerrat

Garbage Flea

Garbage Salamander