Rubi-Ka: Guardians


The Mercenaries
Ian Warr and Co. may be mercenaries, but what they really hate are trespassers.

  Hollow Island
Hey! What is a big plant doing with our token boards!!?? Give 'em here!!

Inner Sanctum
Three floors of fanatics, courtesy of the Pandemonium Outreach Society!


Camelot Castle
Wait a sec... dragons? Camelot? Morgan Le Faye? Isn't this the 29th millennium?

    Smuggler's Den
When good black market smuggling and gun-running operations go bad!
  Crypt of Home
The Rejected One has awoken from his long rest, & he's not pleased with your intrusion.
    The Trash King
Those nasty little bucketheads and their leader have it coming... go for it!
Omni-Tek protects, unless its in this place, in which case they shoot on sight.
    Temple of Three Winds
More fanatics! These ones haven't been promoted to the Sanctum yet, though.
  Cyborg Barracks
Scourge of the Northern Wastes, the leader of the Cyborgs awaits your challenge.
    Steps of Madness
Neleb's been manipulating and mutating nanobots into new playthings, just for you.
  The Subways
A failed effort at uniting Rubi-Ka's cities with mass transit, it's now a monster-rich hovel.
    Ljotur the Lunatic
Mocked for his avant-garde fashion sense, Ljotur fled to Drill Island plotting revenge.
  The Generals
The leaders of the Dust Brigade are not what you would call friendly people....
    The One
Hmmm... everyone looks exactly the same. So, which one of you is The One?
  Agent Lamb
Stuck out in the wilds of the Artery Valley, Lamb is pretty ornery, but still loyal to Omni.
    The Soldiers
Omni-Tek's finest soldiers are stationed throughout the plains, itching for a fight.
  The Pest
The Pest and his minions: happily defiling ancient sacred grounds since 29477!
Want some super-secret items from your side's armory? These guys'll hook you up.
  The Enforcers
A small community of robots is protected by these big bots. But that just means more fun.
    Leets and Reets
All leets and reets love to talk smack, but in their world, these little guys are king.
  Will to Fight
This little dungeon is an excuse to shoot each other to giblets and blow stuff up.
These guys just sit out there, doing their thing. Why not go say hello?