Guardians: Crypt of Home: Cerubin the Rejected
  Organization: Individual
Behavior: Aggressive
Frequency: Unique
Size: Large

Cerubin the Rejected will drop the 1-3 items from the following list:
SpiritTech Circlet of Cerubin   SpiritTech Circlet of Cerubin
Gamboling Master's Wear   Gamboling Master's Wear
Martial Artist only
Shapeshifter's Vest   Shapeshifter's Vest
Adventurer, Doctor, Fixer, or Engineer only
Bracer of Recondite Flames   Bracer of Recondite Flames
Adventurer or Martial Artist only
Jagged Claw   Jagged Claw
Engineer, Trader, or Fixer only
Focus Funneling Device   Focus Funneling Device
Engineer, Trader, or Fixer only

Drop rates, when shown, are determined based on 100 spawns (RK3)