Guardians: Crypt of Home: Cenobite Shadow
  Organization: Individual
: Aggressive
Frequency: Unique
Size: Moderate

Cenobite Shadows will drop 0-1 of the following items:
Blackbird   Blackbird
Fixer or Soldier only; Blackbird (100, 102-104) and Blinded Blackbird (105) available.
Chiroptera   Chiroptera
Adventurer or Enforcer only; Chiroptera (100, 102-104) and Crispy Chiroptera (105) available.
Howlet   Howlet
Enforcer or Meta-physicist only; Howlet (100, 102-104) and Hungry Howlet (105) available.
Panther   Panther
Enforcer or Meta-physicist only; Panther (100, 102-104) and Pained Panther (105) available.

Drop rates, when shown, are determined based on 100 spawns (RK3)