Guardians: Hollow Island: Ninth Brood Champion
  Organization: Individual
Behavior: Aggressive
Frequency: Unique
Size: Very Large

The Ninth Brood Champion will drop 1-2 random items.
Smooth Gold Alloy Ring   Smooth Gold Alloy Ring

Lion's Leather

  Lion's Leather
Adventurer or Martial Artist only; Title level 5 and above only
Partial armor set; parts include Vest, Sleeves, Gloves, Pants, and Boots. The 9th Brood Champion will drop only Sleeves or Gloves.
Miscellaneous Items
Mutated Eremite Foetus   Mutated Eremite Foetus
Soldier or Enforcer only

Drop rates, when shown, are determined based on 100 spawns (RK3)