Guardians: The Mercenaries: Ian Warr
  Organization: Individual
Behavior: Political (Neutral)
Frequency: Unique
Size: Moderate

Ian Warr will always drop 1 Breastplate of Azure Reveries, 1 random piece, and 1 random item.
Blood Bat   Blood Bat
Enforcer only
Blood Mace   Blood Mace
Anything   Anything
Flexible armor that can be worn in 10 of 15 slots
Level 180 and above only
Rust Pitted Ring   Rust Pitted Ring
Level 81 and above only
Stone Samurai Boots   Stone Samurai Boots
Martial artist only; Level 190 and above only
Average Gloves   Average Gloves
Solitus breed only
Heavy Notum Tank Armor   Notum Tank Armor
Three grades: Heavy, Medium, and Light
Level 190 and above for Heavy, Level 175 and above for Medium & Light
Flaxen Notum Pants   Flaxen Notum Pants
Opifex breed only
Pioneer of Jobe Cloak   Pioneer of Jobe Cloak
Nano-technician only; Level 190 and above only
Azure Reveries   Azure Reveries
Full armor set; parts include Helmet, Sleeves, Gloves, Breastplate, Pants, and Boots
Level 175 and above only