Krystanova's Story

Rhiannon "Krystanova" Pourier

Breed, Gender
: Solitus female
Height, Weight, Age: 6' 0', 122 lbs., 22 years old
Profession: Adventurer
Organization: Member of The Honored Maidens
Date of Settlement: May 27, 29476
Home City: Rome Blue, Building 10

Favorite Location: The Eremite Statue in Rome Red
Preferred Weapons: Sol Execs, Mantis Scissors, or Frost Shard
Preferred Armor: Adventurer Tier 1 w/ Albrecht Tank
Preferred Clothing: Miir Blue

General Personality
: Extroverted, Exploration-minded, Helpful, Generous
Major Goals: Catalog all animals and plants. Find her mentor.

Krystanova can best be described as a loner. Arriving on Rubi-Ka with the first wave of settlers after the restrictions were lifted, the bright-eyed young woman was hopeful that Rubi-Ka would fulfill the dreams of the young zoologist and explorer. Having just graduated from her academy with a degree in astrozoology and evolutionary manipulation theory, Rubi-Ka's wildlife presented her with unique opportunities. Teaming up with one of Rubi-Ka's greatest explorers, Krystanova set about researching and cataloging the many varied faunas. Learning much about the world, she had begun to love it's great diversity.

While out on a field expedition as the explorer's assistant in Deep Artery Valley, the research team was ambushed by an encampment of clan militiamen setting up operations for a raid on Outpost 10-3. As the research team fled the soldiers, they came upon an area the explorer only referred to as "The Altar." Warning her team to tread cautiously, the team made it's way through the forest with the clanners not far behind.

As the team moved forward, Krystanova heard faint rumblings move past her, in the direction of the clanners. Suddenly, as the team came into view of the militia, a trio of Forest Eremites emerged around the clanners. Stunned, the clan militia attempted to face down the Eremites, only to be cut down swiftly by the menacing powerhouses.

During this time, the team moved slowly to a rock outcropping a few feet away. Krystanova heard the explorer say "I have returned" and chant something in an unknown language. At this many of her team became fearful and fled the scene, risking their lives in the deep wild rather than sit and wait to be prey of the Eremites. However, within a moment of finishing her statement, an aura appeared around the explorer, and she knelt before a great rock statue... of an Eremite. After a pause, she arose and said, "Now, I am truly the Queen of the Eremites!"

The Eremites paused in their fight, as only one clanner was left. They looked at the strange light from the rocks, and were aware. The largest of them, named by the explorer Val'qadas, speared the remaining clanner and made it's way to the statue. Krystanova stood in fear as the giant moved past her, and laid the body of the soldier at the explorers feet.

The explorer turned to look at Krystanova. She said, "My friend, do not fear. They are my allies now. I am loyal to them, and they to me. They will not harm us." Continuing, she said, "You and I have done much together, my young friend. Your knowledge is nearly as great as mine, and you will do much to expand on it. However, I cannot return to the world we share any longer. No longer can I be a ward of Omni-Tek, for this is now my home. So, go, my friend, and take my knowledge of the world and love of the animals back to Rome with you. When you see the statue there, think of me, Princess of the Eremites." And with that, the Queen placed her hand on Krystanova's head in a friendly gesture. Krystanova felt a surge in her mind, and her knowledge of the world was made equal to that of the new Queen. She looked up at Nynx, and understood.

With that, the Queen commanded Krystanova to journey back to the newly restored Omni-Tek outpost alone. She also commanded Val'qadas to secretly protect the young zoologist as she journeyed home. Reluctantly, Krystanova turned to leave her friend to a new life.

After a few days of journeying, and several close calls, a weakened Krystanova made her way to Outpost 10-3. There, she was cared for by Omni-Med personnel and interviewed about her experiences. She did not mention the events with the explorer, feeling that doing so would only risk the life of her friend. Thanked by Omni-Pol for her valiant efforts against the clan (though she did very little), she was transported home to Rome, where she decided that she would become a great explorer too. As she traded her lab coat for armor and a weapon for protection, and a picture and notebook for knowledge, she hoped to one day see her friend again.

As she passed by the Eremite in Rome, on her way to her first exploratory mission, she remembered the words of her friend, "When you see the statue there, think of me, Princess of the Eremites...."