Nynx's Story
Gabriella "Nynx" Rouse

Breed, Gender
: Solitus female
Height, Weight, Age: 6' 1', 124 lbs., 25 years old
Profession: Shade (via genetic recoding)
Organization: None at this time
Date of Settlement: Unknown original settlement
Home City: None at this time

Favorite Location
: None at this time
Preferred Weapons: Sigds
Preferred Armor: Primus or Tech Armor
Preferred Clothing: Miir Blue

General Personality
: Introverted, Helpful
Major Goals: Rediscover her past and restore her life.

Nynx cannot remember much about who she is or where she came from. Indeed, the only memories she has from before are in pictures, and most of her 24 years are lost on her. She does remember being found, cold, nude, and nearly dead, by an explorers team investigating reports of a dark presence near the Eremite Altar in Deep Artery Valley.

The reports of the explorers give a few details on what may have befallen Nynx out in that wilderness:

"As we approached the Island of Fear and Loathing, we could make out fights going on between several eremites and an unusually strong contingent of bileswarm-like creatures. Research suggests that the eremites of this area have long been guarding something, and we expected they would repel such an assault. It seems, however, that these bileswarms were driven by an unknown energy, and, despite the loss of many of their members, managed to overtake the eremites and win control of the mystical place. Indeed, no sooner had the eremites been defeated, than two bileswarm creatures immediately took positions around the statue, and began some kind of odd ritual, which we suspect was performed to summon The Pest, an apparent bileswarm king.

We made a flyover of the area, concerned that what appeared to be a simple fight between animals could be so much like our wars and battles. Our concern grew worse when, approximately 2000 meters north-northwest of the statue, we detected the fading heat signatures of a Homo solitus. While we all knew Rubi-Ka has resurrection technology, we instantly recognized that this person was dying, because there was no sign of any resurrection signatures in her energy patterns. We decided that we had to try and save this person. Fortunately, she was safely away from the carnage, and our craft landed nearby.

As we approached the subject, a monstrous eremite, who had been even further north, exploded from the ground before her. As we prepared to fire on the beast, we noted that it seemed to be guarding the body, rather than attacking us. Remaining in a ready state, we approached the beast, who shocked us by 'communicating' with us the nature of the person we were rescuing. 'This is the Queen. Please remove her from here as quickly as you can. It is no longer safe for her to remain with us. This place has already been lost to the darkness. Take her from here... take her now,' said the beast.

Then, moving aside, the creature settled lower into the ground, observing our actions. We approached the subject, whose body was surrounded by a light blue aura, not of nanobot origin. Despite a massive laceration that had torn her body from the upper left shoulder to the upper right thigh, and a stomach largely torn open, the woman still lived, though barely. Immediately summoning our doctor, he placed the woman into stasis and began prepping the broken body for transport."

From here, the report describes the process of her healing. Omni-Med personnel were amazed that the woman had survived such dramatic traumas, and were even further amazed by her incredible regeneration. They also noted that the mysterious blue aura faded, curiously, as stronger and stronger beasts were reported in the area of the statue.

It was also determined that this woman's DNA matched that of an explorer noted as missing in Omni-Tek's records, named Gabriella "Nynx" Rouse. Uncertain of what truly befell Nynx out in the valley, Omni-Pol took control of her case and began her rehabilitation. Interview after interview revealed nothing of her history, save from the time of her rescue forward, as Nynx had apparently suffered almost total memory loss during her dying stages, even though her brain showed no damage. Having no recourse but to release her after she completely healed, the security organization gave her a new name and profession template. Omni-Pol released Nynx on her own recognizance on the 25th of November, 29476.