Terraformers: Breiflabbs
  Organization: Individuals
Behavior: Docile
Frequency: Infrequent
Size: Moderate

Individual Species:
Breiflabb Floater
Breiflabb Soaker
Breiflabb Drencher
Breiflabb Swimmer

Lush Fields
The Artery Valley
60 - 100 The Fouls Hills
The Stret River

  2.35s/2.35s each 2 m          
Melee Damagex1 Energy Damagex1              

  Calms Charms Snares Roots Blindness  


Divest & Plunder Debuff (NanoSkills) Debuff (Offensive) Debuff (Initiative) Soothes
Divests & Plunders
NanoSkill Debuffs
Offensive Debuffs
Initiative Debuffs





The brieflabbs are an unusual creature. Their appearance and behavior seems to indicate a lineage from Earth's frogs and toads, and are even replete with a strange croaking sound and a water-based life cycle. However, they are also imbued with a strange ability to "float" along the surface of the water, while also being able to remain submerged at the bottom of rivers and lakes for an indefinite period of time. They are not inherently aggressive animals, though some mutated versions, like those encountered in the depths of The Foreman's Office, have been known to attack on sight.

It is suspected that these creatures were developed for Omni-Tek's terraforming corps to enable more efficient "pest" removal from rivers. As there have been frequent run-ins on newly terraformed planets with an alien microbe, the Breiflabb line of organism has been equipped with the ability to "filter" the water, rendering it clean for use by other terraforming organism. While the reasons for the floating mechanism is not recorded, it is suspected that it arose to prevent a repeat of the Kilgress system disaster, in which a terraforming process was derailed for 50 years after a microbe was activated by the introduction of water to the planet. While the event is only partly on record, it seems that the organism could only survive within water, and grew to immense proportions by rapidly consuming the Breiflabbs on hand to filter the water. After losing 100 billion credits in a matter of hours, as the legions of Brieflabbs were consumed, it seems Omni-Tek's scientists equipped the Breiflabbs with fast-escape levitation mechanisms.