Terraformers: Mantises
  Organization: Colonies
Behavior: Very Aggressive
Frequency: Rare
Size: Moderate to Large

Individual Species:
Sylvan Mantis
Sand Mantis
Den Mantis

Individual Ranks are listed below.

Perpetual Wastelands
The Fouls Plains
50 - 200 The Stret River

  2.35s/2.35s each 2 m          
Melee Damagex2                

  Calms Charms Snares Roots Blindness  


Divest & Plunder Debuff (NanoSkills) Debuff (Offensive) Debuff (Initiative) Soothes
Divests & Plunders
NanoSkill Debuffs
Offensive Debuffs
Initiative Debuffs





The mantises are large, dangerous creatures that have made a new home for themselves on Rubi-Ka after being accidentally imported on smuggler trade ships. The story of the mantises and their arrival on Rubi-Ka has been related in historical records on the Smuggler's Den:

"As Rubi-Ka concludes its first cycle around its suns since the Mantis arrival, the insects have retraced their steps to the dank caves whence they were unleashed: The Smuggler's Den. A young queen and her entourage stand ready to reclaim their ancestral land. This time it is the landlord that will be evicted?

A year ago, the smugglers got a cargo of illegal herbs from the agricultural planet Tillagos. Normally this would be business as usual, but circumventing the ICC quarantine can sometimes have its prize and this time the smugglers got paid in full. Not long after the fateful shipment arrived, the first Rubi-Ka born Mantises hatched from the Tillagos crates. Though the smugglers eradicated most of the budding insect colony, some disappeared deep into the den's neighboring cave system. Only weeks later the first reports of Mantis colonies were emerging. The insect has since spread at an amazing rate

The insect -- an Omni-Tek bio-engineered species bred specifically for the Tillagos ecosystem -- has since spread at an amazing rate and now exists throughout the terraformed regions, threatening the delicate balance of the Rubi-Kan ecosystem..."

Mantises have clearly begun to pose a serious threat to continued ecosystems stability on Rubi-Ka. Further, they are difficult to eradicate because of their sheer numbers and colony behavior. When in Mantis territories, consider an encounter with them unavoidable, with potentially deadly results.

In general, the Sylvan Mantises are rarer and less of a danger than the Sand Mantises. Each of the three major types of mantis (Sand, Sylvan, and Den) has several "ranks" within their colonies. These ranks include: Young Mantis, Mantis, Mantis Drone, Mantis Scout, Nano-Mantis, Mantis Ravager, and Mantis Hive Guardian. In addition, in the Mantis Den adjoining Smuggler's Den, there are additional Mantis ranks: Mantis Baby, Mantis Digger, Mantis Forager, Mantis Runner, Mantis Burrower, and Mantis Worker. Further, there are two guardian ranks, and these two are further described in separate pages: Den Mantis Breeders and the Den Mantis Queen.