Shadowlands: Redeemed


The Or
The youngest of the Redeemed, they have much to learn.

  The Cur
Foot-soldiers in the Redeemed armies, they strive to defend all they see as good.

The El
Armored knights of the Redeemed, they are often found defending outposts.

  The Len
Increasingly angelic, the Redeemed begin to focus more on learning.
    The Kuir
Leaders of cities and divisions, the Kuir provide strong guidance to lesser Redeemed.
  The Suir
The leaders of the Redeemed believe that they are ready to reclaim their prior glory.
Birds of light and beauty, they certainly look like creatures of goodness and purity.
Powerful mages hidden deep in the Shadowlands, they are a force to be reckoned with.
In the spiritual war, these Slithers have sided with the Redeemed.