Shadowlands: Unredeemed


The Or
The freshest of the Unredeemed, they know little of redemption.

  The Cur
Demonic looking creatures, the Cur benefit from their appearance in battle.

The El
Heavily armored guards of Unredeemed cities, they fight furiously in defending home.

  The Len
Leaders on the battlefield, the Len are occasionally mistaken for the Kolaanae.
    The Kuir
Strong mages in their own right, these leaders control the temples and the cities.
  The Suir
The fearsome leaders of the Unredeemed feel that there is much to do before salvation.
Creatures of darkness and death, they seem imply there is evil in the Unredeemed.
Tremendous beasts of magic and power, the abaddonites reign over the world.
In the spiritual war, these Slithers have sided with the Unredeemed.