Guardians: Crypt of Home: Reference Guide
  The Crypt of Home houses an ancient creature, Cerubin the Rejected, who has been resting in this chamber for ages. Recent archaeological expeditions here have found the methods by which they can gain access to his crypt, and in response he has awoken and mobilized his followers in his defense.

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The Crypt of Home is located at the Twin Altars on Dovve's Map or the Ancient Ruins on Nepentheia's map, and its coordinates are approximately 355, 2215.  Note that, though the "official" limit on access is level 110, the Crypt does not teleport players of too high a level, as with ToTW. Therefore, a team of 111+ players can get into the dungeon with the help of a Beacon Warping Engineer.

The above map shows major locations in the dungeon. For the map above, Guardians are shown by red numbers, major switches by blue Roman numerals, and special locations by green letters. In turn, each of the labels means:

1   Cerubin the Rejected
2   Alpha Skincrawler
3   Bane (on the lower level)

i, ii   Main Door Switches. These must be pulled in unison, and a 3rd person must run through the open door.
iii   3rd Player running through door must pull this switch to let other players through. An Eclipser will spawn in the main room to distract the remaining people and keep them from running through the door, which opens on a 15s delay.
iv   Sluicelock switch which opens the door at point F. An Awakened Pit Demon will spawn at point E. Door stays open for approximately 2 minutes, so run from iv to F before it closes, but note you will be aggroed by any returning Kizzermoles and Abyss Serpents, and the Pit Demon.
v   Once a person is through the door at point F, the switch here will open this door for other people to pass through.
vi   This switch is at the top of the ramp, and in the left side room on that level. It will open the door at G. There is no switch on the other side to let you through, so you must run from vi to G.
vii   This switch opens the "inoperable" door by the Necromancer at H. This is how a team which is leaving through the dungeon can quickly return to the main passageway.
viii   Switch to enter Cerubin's Crypt. It is only open for 2 minutes, and you must first get team members in place at position I. This can be done by sending some members ahead to enter the antechamber by going through door G by pulling switch vi, and clearing it of creatures.
ix   Switch to exit Cerubin's Crypt.

Notable Locations
A   On lower floor, near Bane's Chamber, there is a small room with a treasure chest that advises it cannot be opened. On the upper level, this is where the Eclipser will spawn that attempts to distract people trying to get through the door after the switch is pulled at iii.
B   This is the sewer entrance. People wishing to get to Cerubin must use this passageway, as the door at H will not open from this side.
C   The chamber behind the Kizzermole pathway, in which a team can see Dark Summoners and another chest, can be accessed by jumping to the top of the waterfall here.
D   An ancient obelisk, similar to the Unredeemed statues of the Shadowlands, rests here. It is unclear what it does.
E   An Awakened Pit Demon will spawn here when the sluicelock switch at location iv is pulled.
F   The door opened by the switch at iv and at v. It is the door to move on from the sewers.
G   The door to Cerubin's Antechamber, it is opened by the switch at vi.
H   This is the "inoperable" door guarded by the Necromancer. It is opened by the switch at vii, by teams heading out from Cerubin's Crypt.
I   The door to Cerubin's Crypt.

The progress through the Crypt of Home is marked by several steps. First, when a team enters the Crypt, they need to clear the two side chambers of any Eclipsers, Dark Cenobites, and Dark Sanitaries that stand in their way. Then, two members, one at point i and one at point ii, must pull the switches at these points simultaneously to open the door to the Crypt. The players waiting by this door must run through immediately, as the door only remains open for 5 seconds.

Once through the people on the other side of the door must pull the switch at iii to enable their teammates through. An Eclipser will appear to distract the teammates on in the main entryway, so make sure that you don't miss the door opening while fighting this Eclipser. Once the whole team is through, proceed down the ramp until the path branches in three ways. Left or right will bring you down to Bane, the first Guardian of the Crypt. Straight down the ramp will bring you to a venting room, a chamber full of Blorrgs.

Defeat the Blorrgs, and continue to the lit area. Proceed straight through the doorway, and you will be able to confront a group of Skincrawlers and their leader, the Alpha Skincrawler, second Guardian of the Crypt. There is also a Cenobite Shadow that lurks this hallway, if you have a team member than can run an area effect nuke. Once done with the Skincrawlers, proceed back to the main lit chamber, and move north through the archway.

Here you will meet several Eclipsers and a Necromancer, who guards the exit from Cerubin's Antechamber. From this room, you have two options. Climb the waterfall at C to reach a room with a mysterious chest and a few Dark Summoners, or proceed through the dimly lit sewers beginning at B. The sewers will take you toward Cerubin, so eventually, you must go this way. When the team arrives at the four way junction, killing the Abyss Serpents there, proceed north to the Kizzermole passageway. Besides the many Kizzermoles here, there is also a Cenobite Shadow that lurks in this hallway, if you have a team member than can run an area effect nuke. When you reach the second fork (the first is blocked off by debris), turn toward the switch at iv. Pull this switch to open the door at F.

Run back toward F, stopping briefly to kill the Awakened Pit Demon if you wish. It is important that one team member makes it through the door at F, as there is a lag time before the switch at iv can be pulled, and another Pit Demon will appear if it is pulled again. Once a member is through F, the switch at v can be pulled at any time to allow more members through.

From here, continue through the Crypt. You will be confronted by more of the same creatures you have already seen as you progress through. It will seem hard, because it is very easy to pull more than a few adds while moving through here, so be patient (or bring an area-nuking NT). There is also a Cenobite Shadow that lurks in this hallway. At the top of the ramp, you will see two doors. The first, in the upper left, leads to a small chamber with a switch (viii). The second has a switch right next to it (vi). All but one member of the team should use the switch at vi, and move through door G, leading into Cerubin's Antechamber. These team members should clear the area and gather in front of I.

The remaining team member, behind door G, must wait until their teammates are positioned at I. Once the team is gathered there, the member who stayed behind must pull switch viii, opening the door to Cerubin's Crypt. The members at I should proceed through the doorway into the Crypt. The remaining teammate should then pull the switch at vi, move through G, and stand at I. Another teammate can then pull the switch at ix, open the Crypt from inside, and allow the last party member into the Crypt.

Here you will find, for the first time, the Crypt Guardians, in addition to more Necromancers and Dark Summoners. Defeat all the adds, and pull the switch at viii to open the door to Cerubin's Crypt. Upon entering Cerubin's Crypt, you will see several Crypt Guardians, and Cerubin himself at the far end of the chamber. Proceed to kill the guardians, and down the bridge to Cerubin.

Once at Cerubin, the battle could be very easy, or very hard, depending on which of his tentacles emerges from the ground to aid him. Each tentacle has its own strength and purpose, but the key one to watch out for is Cerubin's Tentacle of Cure, which can heal Cerubin for 1000-1500 points every few seconds. If the team does not take out this tentacle, the battle may be lost. If, however, the Tentacle of Cure does not spawn, the battle is much easier... but still make sure that several members focus on the tentacles to make the battle a straightforward showdown with Cerubin.

Once Cerubin falls, the team can exit the dungeon by pulling the switch at vii, which opens the door once guarded by a Necromancer. Pulling this switch will call additional Necromancers to the scene. Once these are defeated, it is simply a matter of clearing the Eclipsers, Blorrgs, Cenobites, and Sanitaries again on your way out the door.