Guardians: The Generals: Reference Guide
  The mere mention of the terrorist organization called the Dust Brigade is enough to strike fear into the hearts of Omni citizens. Though many in the Clans feel that the Dust Brigade goes to extremes, they cannot deny the effectiveness of the organization as an Omni deterrent. However, the location of the organizations leaders has finally been discovered, and a call has gone out to take the fight to them.

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Click here for Nepentheia`s map of Perpetual Wastelands



The Generals appear in three locations, scattered over central and northwestern Perpetual Wastelands. Despite their strength, however, a typical raiding party trying to take on the Generals isn't much different than most other raids, in that the Generals will only appear after seeing their subordinates take a beating for awhile. The main difference between this raid and other raids of this kind is that there are three separate subordinates, each for one general only, instead of the usual one subordinate and one guardian. Further, it should be noted that each of the Generals alone are among the hardest of all encounters on Rubi-Ka, making this one of the most difficult raids to complete.

As with all raid of this kind, a sizeable team will be required, because it often takes at least a few rounds of defeating the subordinates and their cronies (here, called Masked Commando Elites) before the Generals have had enough of your interference. In the maps above, I have marked the location of where the Generals and their subordinates will appear, and as can be seen, the number of Elites is different at each location. Vivyan typically only has two Elites, Kronillis three, and Nirtox four. Further, their subordinates are as follows:

1.) General Vivyan's subordinate is the General's Right Hand.
2.) General Kronillis' subordinate is the Harbinger of the General.
3.) General Nirtox's subordinate is the General's Inspector.

Essentially, all that needs to be done is calm or kill the minions, and defeat the subordinate enough times to make the General emerge from their bunkers. At this point, the teams are stuck in their confrontation with the General, and any other Elites they may call to their aid. Should a team successfully defeat one General, it can stop there... but, why not take down the triumvirate?