Archived News Items

  February 7, 29478 - Redesign Completed

With the update today, the missing pictures and Guide have been added to The Generals section of the site. Included in the guide are maps of the individual locations for Nirtox, Vivyan, and Kronillis.

Also, I've added a new section up at the top of the index, for quick access to the most recent major updates and important community links. Also, as a reminder: I have recently completed a re-design, so you will need to update any direct links to pages beyond the first. As always, happy hunting fellow Rubi-Kans!


  February 7, 29478 - Redesign Completed

Today, I'm releasing the redesigned Faunlore. In an effort to make the site a lot less complicated, the old separation between the Shadowlands and the Rubi-Kan creatures has been removed. The menu at left will be available at all times, and each page can now be directly accessed from the subpages that load from the menu at left.

There are a few additions to the database as well: the Subways Guardians are all added now, as well as pictures of many missing Guardians, most especially Ljotur and Hollow Island. Please note that, because of the site's redesign, you will very likely need to update many of your old bookmarks that go past the front page. I realize this is an inconvenience, but the reorganization of the site's structure needed to be done.

While many of the Guardian submenus have no active links, you can now easily see the list of all creatures that should come to the pages as I continue to update. If you notice any problems on site, please e-mail me at Thank you, and happy hunting!


  February 3, 29478 - Database Update

The Guardians section of the Shadowlands opens today... but not with the dungeon guards, as I'd expected to have. Instead, I present to the explorers of Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands the Guardians of Pandemonium, at least those that have been uncovered at this time. This includes the 12 beasts of the Zodiac, and The Beast itself. More information about Pandemonium, including pages about the Scourges, will be forthcoming in the near future.

NOTE: If you wish to avoid spoilers about the nature of the creatures in Pandemonium, I advise that you do not look at the pages!


  January 18, 29478 - Database Update

I've also sitting on this one since the big Guardians update, since I never had pictures. Today, The Pest and all its foul minions have been added to the Guardians section. The other things I mentioned in the other update are moving slowly but surely, since those I'm building from the start, instead of just slapping in some pictures, like I've done for The Pest. I have also added Ergo to the Ergo section of the Shadowlands pages.


  January 6, 29478 - Minor Database Update

Very minor indeed... added Joo, the Leet to the Guardians section of Rubi-Ka, and updated a few pictures of Shadowlands (Molokh, Molokhai, and the Unredeemed Kuir). I'm presently starting work on Inner Sanctum and Temple of Three Winds, as well as the Archaic creatures you'll encounter in some Shadowlands dungeons, so be on the lookout for them.


  December 23, 29477 - Minor Update

The Hollow Island Weed was recently killed by Synergy Factor. A hearty congratulations to them! This update includes information gleaned from the completion of the Hollow Island adventure, including a picture of the Weed mid-raid and the rewards it has dropped so far. Special thanks to Ryan "Sheffy" Trance for allowing me to use the rewards list, and to Fish "Bluebawls" Smf for contributing the picture of the Weed itself.


  December 15, 29477 - Minor Update

Added six more creatures to Redeemed and the Unredeemed in the Shadowlands section. Those added include the Suir, the Molokh, and the Abadonnites for the Unredeemed and the Suir, the Molokhai, and the Treespirits for the Redeemed.


  December 3, 29477 - Minor Update

I've been sitting on this one since August, and it never made my big update in September: I've updated the pages on Hezak the Immortal to include his massive nano chain and loot drops.


  December 2, 29477 - Announcement

Welcome back. Glad to be back. Marius and Co., I think you're doing a great job.


  September 9, 29477 - JAME Announces The Shadowlands Portal

With the opening of the Shadowlands today, I have added content about some of the creatures an explorer will encounter early in their journeys. These creatures are split up into various sections, as shown on the buttons above. These sections contain information about creatures as follows:

  • Redeemed: This section will contain Redeemed faction creatures and their allies ONLY.
  • Unredeemed: This section will contain Unredeemed faction creatures and their allies ONLY.
  • Ergo: This section will contain those aligned to Ergo and the Guardians of Shadow. The Yuttos will be here, as well.
  • The Brink: This section will contain all the creatures of The Brink, whose sole purpose is destruction and have no alignment.
  • Spirits: This section will contain all creatures whose spirit forms reside in the Shadowlands.
  • Remnants: This section will contain all creatures for whom it is postulated that they originated in the Shadowlands, and remain from an ancient past.
  • Guardians: As with Rubi-Ka, the Shadowlands holds its share of difficult and powerful creatures. They will be found here.

Further, in light of discoveries made relating to the Shadowlands and the creatures of Rubi-Ka, the following creatures have been moved from their original sections to the Natives (Rubi-Ka section): the Medusae, the Yuttos, and the Golems.

At this time, I would ask that the community remain patient concerning information on creatures that are not here as of yet. Please note that, to avoid ruining the fun, none of the creatures have any attack data, level data, or other information at this time. More updates will be coming soon, so I will not be accepting any submissions on Shadowlands creatures at this point. Submissions of pictures for Rubi-Ka's Guardians will, however, continue.

The world of the Shadowlands is a magnificent and amazing place, full of dark new dangers and glorious potential. I would urge you, the settler, to get out there and spend some time exploring the magnificent world that is the Shadowlands... you won't regret it! I'll see you all there. Safe travels, and good hunting, fellow Rubi-Kans!


  September 9, 29477 - Shadowlands Sections opened

The Shadowlands section of Faunlore is now open. Please click the Shadowlands button above to be transferred to the Shadowlands site. To return to research on Rubi-Ka at any point, use the Rubi-Ka button at the top of the Shadowlands pages. I will not post information on what is or is not available (yet) as I'd prefer much of the Shadowlands to remain a surprise for you to explore.

However, in light of discoveries made relating to the Shadowlands and the creatures of Rubi-Ka, the following creatures have been moved from their original sections to the Natives: the Medusae, the Yuttos, and the Golems.


  September 2, 29477 - Database Update

Included in today's update are:

  • Posted the initial press release by JAME on the Shadowlands. Click the new button above to read the press release and get a sneak preview of the new Shadowlands style.
  • As promised below, Ljotur and his friends are now posted.
  • Made corrections to broken pictures, including Lamb's Apprentice, several missing loot items, and the Brontos.

Please read news item below for more details on the major update.


  September 1, 29477 - Major Database Update

With the press release made by Jobe Research recently, I have been attempting to wrap up some unfinished business with Rubi-Ka's creatures and Guardians so as to be ready for the exploration of the Shadowlands. In addition to a brand-spanking new location (, today's update involves a massive update to the site's weaker area: the Guardians.

Included in today's update are:

  • Reworking of the special attack format for almost every Guardian posted. Exceptions are ToTW, Subways, and SoM.
  • Pictures added for many of those that were missing pictures.
  • Loot information updated for every posted Guardian, including drop rates. Much of this information is courtesy of DrSnurre of Lost Chapter, one of Faunlore's new authors.
  • The Locations section has been updated to include more specific spawn time and location information.
  • Added Reference Guide information for two major camps: The Mercenaries and Hollow Island.
  • The complete list of updated Guardians includes: all of Hollow Island, all of the Mercenaries, all of the Generals, Agent Lamb, all of Biomere, all of Camelot, all of Cyborg Barracks, all of Smuggler's Den, the Omni-Pol Command Juggernaut, the Trash King, The One.
  • Coming very soon: the remnants of the Soldiers, the Obediencies, Ljotur, The Pest, Inner Sanctum, the remnants of ToTW, Subways, and SoM.
  • Coming less soon: the Solitaires, single creatures and people encountered around Rubi-Ka, like Joo or Daria Marie Walzer.

In the course of this update, I've made many new friends and acquaintances who have helped me gather information and pictures. I would like to especially thank The Honored Maidens and Band of Brothers for their tremendous assistance over the past few weeks. Please see the Contributors page for more information on individual submissions.

Given the massive size of this update, I'm sure I've made little errors here and there. If you notice any, please let me know at


  August 27, 29477 - JAME Announces The Shadowlands Portal

OMNI - HQ, 27 August 29477. Today, JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration) under the leadership of LORD KALDRANI SKALLAGRIM and LADY GILJABET SKELLIBJALLA have finally been able to realize their long standing vision by stabilizing the portal between Rubi-Ka and what has been termed "the Shadowlands." The new conduit was successfully opened into a stable wormhole-like state for a duration of 60 minutes and allowed for supplies and volunteers to be ferried across. This portal, a closely guarded secret until now, is now believed capable of providing safe travel through to the parallel dimension. While the experimental stages of this technology resulted in an undisclosed number of fatalities, revolutionary strides in both portal techniques and the application of nano-technology have resulted in this phenomenal achievement.

JAME Research Station was erected within the Shadowlands shortly after the portal technology was discovered and tested to ensure the conduit indeed remained as stable as expected. Only an unexplained blowout of several power conduits in the research facility hampered these early efforts.

"In the recent months several successful attempts have been made to recreate the conduit and improve the security and stability of the technology and equipment currently used to create this passage into uncharted territories," exclaimed Lady Skellibjalla

Lord Kaldrani Skallagrim has decided that now it is time to share this breakthrough with the world and has announced that what he himself calls "the portal", will be opening and taken in active service in 14 days time. New colonists will be offered the opportunity to partake in an experiment exploring the odds of surviving in the hostile Shadowlands environment under the supervision of the scientists themselves. The existing inhabitants of Rubi-Ka will be offered the opportunity to aid in the exploration and colonization of this newly discovered dimension.


  July 14, 29477 - Database Updated; Announcement

Minor update:

  • Added picture for The Brood Mother.
  • Added preliminary page for Hezak the Immortal
  • Updated the Special Attacks section for the Soldiers, Camelot, Trash King, and Smuggler's Den Guardians.

Main purpose for today's update is to report that Faunlore will begin accepting submissions for pictures of the Guardians ONLY. As many of you may have noticed, my Guardians section lacks pictures of the Guardians, so I've decided to open up the site to submissions for this info at this time. Note that this applies only to pictures.


  July 5, 29477 - Database Updated

Another update today, mainly to the Guardians section.

  • Added some Guardians of Steps of Madness.
  • Added pictures for most of The Trash King Guardians (all but TK and TKL).
  • The rise of the sapling infestation has been traced back to a powerful brood of Eremites in Belial Forest. These beasts, residing at Hollow Island, present one of the greatest challenges a settler can ever hope to face. Find out how powerful they really become!

Expect more updates soon. Happy hunting!


  May 1, 29477 - Database Updated

Another update today, mainly to the Features section.

  • The Boss Modifiers section, under Features, has been given a large scale overhaul, and is now more in keeping with the site's layout. As a result, significant amounts of new information have been added to the Boss Modifiers pages.
  • Added a Traps to the Features section, in response to the increased number of creatures serving as traps.
  • Added a Mission Only Encounters to the Features section, to cover new creatures that have appeared in missions but are derived from older creatures. In this section are creatures like the Independent Bodyguard Droid and the Hellhound.

Expect more updates soon. Happy hunting!


  April 30, 29477 - Database Updated

Today, Faunlore gets another sizable update.

  • Legend is now added to the site in the How To Use section.. The legend page describes the layout of the beast pages, including the meanings of attack and immunity icons.
  • Significant changes to the Guardians. Descriptions have been entirely removed from the Guardians section. A special subpage, for Locations, has been added, though no maps are posted at this time.
  • Added a significant number of new Guardians.
  • Updated every creature's data page to include information on immunities or special attacks the creature may have up it's sleeve.
  • New and dangerous additions to security systems around the planet have been added to the Robotica section within the Humanoids. This includes the Turrets, the Sentries, the Cameras, the Mines, and the System Controllers.
  • Made a couple of additions to the Event Only Encounters. The main addition is Uncle Pumpkin-Head. Thank you to everyone who made a submission for this event-only encounter! Keep sending in your submissions!
  • Added a listing of names to some basic creatures where the names were missing.
  • Added a page for the Aquaan Queen, whose rarity has caused me to make a lone exception on an individual creature page. Special thanks to Sylvester "Stercoral" Meloche for a picture of this rare (at least in the wild) creature.
  • Added HP/NP information to a few more creatures.
  • Added level information to a few more than that. :)
  • Added links to other major AO sites (see below). Please visit them!

  March 21, 29477 - Database Updated
  • Added pictures to the missing basic animals (Snatchers, Swampfiends, Cyborgs, Demons).
  • Minor cosmetic upgrades across the board.
  • Added level info and individual species info (in proper level order) for many creatures.

  March 17, 29477 - Database Updated (Minor)
  • Added pictures to the missing basic animals (Snatchers, Swampfiends, Cyborgs, Demons).
  • Minor cosmetic upgrades across the board.
  • Added level info and individual species info (in proper level order) for many creatures.

  March 14, 29477 - Database Updated

Today, Faunlore receives its single biggest update to date.

  • Added to the site are baseline pages for EVERY basic animal and plant on the planet. This means that all creatures on the Xenomorphs, Terraformers, Natives, and Humanoids are now open.
  • Also, every animal page now features more detailed and graphically interesting attack data.
  • Some additional animals have added HP/NP info added as well.
  • Added a few more Guardians, most notably the Diamondine Soldier and The One and his minions.
  • A new feature has been added: Event Only Encounters. This page will be dedicated to those rare, unusual encounters a settler may come across during his travels. This section of the site WILL be accepting submissions. Read here for more info.
  • Descriptions have been temporarily suspended pending my work on the HP/NP information for the basic creatures.

Many of these pages will be updated to include HP/NP info, description, and individual species names in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  February 21, 29477 - Community News

I am saddened to report that one of the greatest of Anarchy Online's fansites, AO-Basher, will be closing its doors and its principals, Solarax and Razishlyat, will be leaving Rubi-Ka for greener pastures. For their assistance and guidance with this site, I am extremely grateful to both of them, and for their dedication to the community, they should be resoundingly thanked by us all.

Razi and Solarax, I wish you both the best of luck, and hope all will go well for you, no matter what life may bring! Farewell.

  February 21, 29477 - Database Updated

Recent additions and modifications to the wildlife database have been made. The new items include:

  • The site has been completely revamped with a new design... AGAIN. I actually like this one, so it'll stay. The menu system has also been improved. Special thanks to Twicer, of Anarchy Arcanum fame.
  • New animals added: Brieflabbs, Gofles, Golems, Ottous, Pendpods, Rollerrats, Sabretooths, Salamanders, Snakes, and Wolves have been added.
  • Data on attack types and speed, HP and NP are being re-worked. Temporary placeholders added. Data should be added soon.
  • Added some new info and made corrections to the Boss Modifiers section.
  • Moved The Eremite Altar to the Features section.
  • Rearranged the Guardians menu.
  October 15, 29476 - Database Updated

Recent additions and modifications to the wildlife database have been made. The new items include:

  • The site has been completely revamped with a new design. The menu system has also been improved.
  • The classification system of the animals has been modified to be better consistent with continuing research.
  • First new animals added: Leets, Dragons, and Anuns are available!


September 17, 29476 - Database Updated

Recent additions and modifications to the wildlife database have been made. The new items include:

  • The Mantis Queen and Mantis Breeders have been added to the Guardians section.
  • Tarasque has been updated with some loot information. Tarasque is located in the Guardians section.
  • The first HP research has been sumbitted through the efforts of Jypsie and Forevernyt of Division 9, RSGE. See the Worms page for this first entry. The Worms also feature new species.
  • The Eremite Altar page has been updated to include new findings of Altars around Rubi-Ka. Accept no substitutions!
  • The Mantises have been updated to include listings of new Den species.


A Few Notes on This Guide

As research has continued into the histories and evolution of the animals of Rubi-Ka, it has been determined that it is scientifically and logically contradictory for the author to classify some animals using the Linnean classification system, and also conclude that said animals are actually native to Rubi-Ka. In order to have a logically consistent classification, animal classifications have been reorganized to better reflect the important information about animals. Therefore, there are five new classifications: the Terraformers, the Humanoids, the Natives, the Xenomorphs, and the Guardians. While these names are relatively self-explanatory, each group will eventually be provided a page documenting the reasoning behind these classifications.