Humanoids: Robotica: Mines
  Organization: Individuals
Behavior: Political
Frequency: Mission-only
Size: Small

Individual Models:

Mines do no direct damage and cannot be attacked or killed.

  No HP Missions only  
No NP  
1 - 200+  
0 s - cannot attack    
0 m - cannot attack


Depends on mine type.    

  Blindness Debuff (Offense)NanoChain A (Step 1) Snare NanoChain A (Step 2) OR Chemical Damage (Area)
Chemical Damage (Target)

Obstructed Vision

You stepped on a mine!   Chemical Damage Mine    

  Mines are one of the more interesting security mechanisms one can find in missions. Invisible to the naked eye, Mines will only appear on your guidance maps as a flashing red border, with an audible warning ping indicating proximity to the mines. The mines will explode when stepped on, and when activated, cause one of two effects: chemical area effect damage or an offense debuff/snare/blindness status effect.

Mines can be avoided using simple detection techniques. In order to find a mine, a mission-runner simply needs to perform a search for hidden items. Typically, this will reveal the location of the offending mine, making it easier to avoid. Mines can also be disarmed via a disarmament tool or via a System Controller.